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Experience In Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Solar Power Systems

Our Vision is to Provide the Maintainence free Enenrgy without any botheration, we provide the Solar Energy Solutions with complete automation and no need to use Changeover or Any Selector switch.

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Muhammad Shaheen Tabassum

Chairman Board of Director

Muhammad Wajahat Shaheen

CEO & Founder


Network and Security Engineer

M. Zohaib Shaheen

Electrical Engineer

Liaqat Ali Raj

legal advisor


You Should Know

Why Switch to Solar?

Solar Energy is a clean, emissions free
Solar Energy is a renewable energy source
Solar Energy doesn't release harmful pollutants
Unlike fossil fuels Doesn't emit carbon dioxide
Solar Energy's potential is immense
Zero energy-production costs

Why Choose Us?

Generate free power for entire 25+ year lifespan
Solar Energy reduces your utility bills
Return on investment unlike paying for utility bills
Solar Energy is a maintainence free energy
Through Net Metering sale Electricity to NEPRA

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Office # 43 Kohinoor 1 Plaza Faisalabad

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